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For the great majority of people, employment is essential to their survival, and businesses require workers in order to run. The employment relationship is of great importance to society as well because both failed businesses and jobless workers have negative effects on the economy.

Most employment is “at will” in order to promote efficiency and creativity. Traditionally, this meant that the relationship could be terminated at any moment for any reason or for no reason at all by either the employer or the employee.

However, in order to prevent discrimination against people based on their inherent qualities—such as race, religion, national origin, disability, age, and others—rather than their performance on the job, Congress and state governments have limited the at-will employment rule.

Additionally, laws passed by Congress and state governments require employers to pay their staff for overtime and extra hours worked as well as to offer certain protections against retaliation for employees.

However, there are some situations where firing might not be permitted. Our Tennessee employment attorneys can help employees who feel their rights have been violated at work by helping them explore their legal options and seek redress for their claim. If you believe your rights have been violated, get immediate legal advice from a skilled Maryville employment lawyer at our Tennessee employment law firm.

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Most employees in Tennessee work on an at-will basis, which means they are not required by an employment contract to remain with their employer for a specific period of time. Because of this, most employer actions are legal, regardless of whether they arise from a resignation, layoff, or reduction in work.

If an employee is fired for very specific reasons, they might not be eligible to pursue a legal claim. Tennessee state law provides some minimal additional protection in the workplace for certain protected classes, even though federal law still applies.

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Retaliation is the most prevalent form of discrimination charge, making up 37,632 cases, or 55.80% of all cases in the United States, according to the most recent employment discrimination statistics. Additional types of employment discrimination charges and their respective case numbers and percentages:

  • Disability: 22,843 instances, or 37.2% of total cases
  • Number of cases by race: 20,908, or 34.1%
  • 30,.6% of cases, or 18,762 cases, were categorized as sexual.
  • Age: 12,965 cases (21.1%)
  • 6,213 cases, or 10.1%, had a national origin.
  • Color: 3,516 or 5.7% of cases
  • Religion: 2,111 cases (3.4% of total).
  • Equal Pay Act: 885 instances, or 1.4% of all cases

Our Maryville employment lawyers will fight for your rights.

Being the target of discrimination at work can be very depressing. You may think that complaining could be bad for you because your livelihood is presumably reliant on your employment.

Filing a complaint with the appropriate authorities is frequently the first step toward obtaining justice, and our attorneys can help you every step of the way. Speak with trustworthy and experienced Maryville employment lawyers right now. Entrust us with your case and hold discriminatory Tennessee employers accountable for their acts.

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Wrongful Discharge

In spite of its name, “wrongful discharge” is not a legal claim. Wrongful discharge, on the other hand, means that your discharge was illegal since it violated federal or state law.  Your employer may be liable for your discharge, depending on the reason.

Sexual Harassment

In Tennessee and the federal government, workplace sexual harassment is illegal. It may be possible to recover compensation and other remedies for employees who have been sexually harassed at work.

Workplace Discrimination

Some Americans experience discrimination on a daily basis. No matter what a person does or who they are, their skin color, gender identity, sex, age, religion, or disability affect their chances of discrimination.

Workplace Retaliation

If you have been retaliated against or treated unfairly at your place of employment because you reported illegal activity or refused to engage in it, the law also prohibits retaliation against employees who report violations, regardless of whether the violation involved the employee reporting it or another employee.

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